1. I’m a self-taught DIY-er. No I guess that’s a lie. Mr. Yap was my middle school shop teacher and he was, frankly, the shit. But I was 11 so I’d say I had more fun than I did “learn” stuff. But I’ve always been crafty and now I am unable to work my traditional corporate job anymore due to illness so just use my limited energy to play with wood all day- building or restoring or just puttering. And everything I sooooortof know how to do (or have no frikkin clue and sometimes wasn’t even aware I needed to) you guys have the best tutorials and posts I’ve come across. And being chronically ill I have pretty much seen them all, I have a lot of free time. So, long story short, you guys are also the shit. Scrolling through your posts I honestly couldn’t decide what to read first but the site name is what caught me because when people ask me (all concerned puppy eyes) how I’m spending my time I always just say “I make stuff.” Cheers!

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