How to Build a Table From Reclaimed Column for Less Than $35

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From the moment we moved into the new house, the wife has been looking for a side table for the living room.

She looked everywhere, and we tried several tables of various shapes and sizes to no avail.

Finally, while at a furniture store, she found a table made from what looks like an old baluster, that she thought was a great inspiration piece.

And…. this is the photo of the inspiration piece that she brought home for me to see.

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The Idea

This find led to a search for something similar to use for our own table.  At a flea market, she found several pieces cut from the ends of old porch columns.  At $10, with all the weathering and chipped paint, she decided it was perfect.  What do you think? Would you have grabbed one?

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I designed a simple base and a top that was inspired from a table that was my Great Grandmothers.

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The top and base were cut from a $25 glued up panel from the Big Box store.

small table 72

I built up the base to look more substantial, and rounded the edges with a router.  I routed a thumbnail on the bottom side of the table top and added a 2″ skirt.

We painted the top and bottom white and then I antiqued them with black and brown glazes, to match the column.  I attached the base to the column directly.  To attach the top, I added a small panel to the top of the column and then screwed that to the table top.

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The Result

Now its complete, and I think it came out pretty well.  What do you think of our table from a reclaimed porch column and a ready made panel?

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Drop me a note, and let me know, good or bad project?  What would you change if you were doing it?

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